I have been bringing my three year old son to The Premier School for almost a year now and I couldn’t be happier. When I’m at work I rest easy knowing that my son is being taken care of by a great staff who genuinely cares about his safety and development. In addition, I love the bright, clean atmosphere of The Premier School. Most importantly, my little guy is happy every day when we pick him up. I love that he is stimulated each day with different activities and crafts.Maura, Mother of Preschooler

The Premier School of Pickerington is a wonderful school for my children. I often think about how fortunate I am to have such a great place for my children to go when I am at work. That is comforting for a working parent. My two little ones have learned and explored so much since we’ve enrolled. The teachers are professional, knowledgeable and they all share the same values as I do for my own children. I would like to thank the staff at The Premier School for their patience and determination in implementing new programs to help our little ones grow and become their own person. They are not just child care providers they are family.Alexis, Mother of Toddler & School Aged Child

I have been greatly impressed by the staff at The Premier School. They were flexible with me and my schedule and very affordable. My girls love coming to school do to the various activities and wonderful curriculum they are exposed to each day. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to have them at The Premier School.LaShell, Mother of Pre K Children

My son Tyler started attending The Premier School at the beginning of summer after his former daycare facility closed. I couldn’t be more pleased with the school and the staff. I particularly like the fact that the facility is secure during all hours of the day. This provides me with an extra level of comfort. The hours of operation of the school are very accommodating. Tyler has enjoyed attending The Premier School since day one. The summer program for school age children is full of many interesting field trips throughout the summer. The Premier School also provides well balanced meals (breakfast & lunch) as well as snacks. I would like to thank the staff for all that you do for Tyler each and every day! Kerry, Mother of School Aged Child

When choosing a preschool for my son I wanted a school where his learning would progress from his last school. That was a big concern for me. I checked out many preschool and child care centers when I came across The Premier School. As I walked in with my son for our tour I couldn’t be happier. The school was clean with art work hanging up. The staff were all so nice and answered every question I had. As they talked more about the curriculum I had my mind made up. I was so happy with my decision to enroll at The Premier School because my son loves his teacher and likes coming to school to learn. I would recommend The Premier School to anyone looking for a great place to send their children. It’s a clean and safe environment with great teachers.Ann, Mother of Preschooler

Our son has been enrolled at The Premier School for quite some time. Prior to his attendance, he was dismissed from six different daycares in less than a year. He has a diagnosed medical condition that results in him developing situations that are difficult to manage at times. Our family contemplated the scenario of having only one working household member since our son was not having success within a daycare environment. The Premier School was our last hope before going that route. Their staff exhibits great understanding, compassion, and patience with our son. In addition, they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities handle his problems effectively and efficiently. He now looks forward to his day, and we can focus at work knowing he is in good hands. This has created a much higher quality of life for our family collectively. We plan on maintaining enrollment for our son at The Premier School as long as we can.Pat & Tez, Parents of School Aged Child

The Premier School has been a blessing the entire time my now 4 year old has been attending! They are like extended family! When looking for a childcare center The Premier School was not even built, it was still under construction and for whatever reason I knew in my heart this school would be a safe place to send my child. When I drop her off I leave with a piece of mind. In addition to the great care received their curriculum has been amazing! My kiddo is learning so much. Every teacher has challenged my daughter academically, socially, and emotionally. She will definitely be ready for kindergarten in the years to come. I’d recommend The Premier School to anyone!!!The Davis Family, Parents of Pre K Student

My son is in the Infant Two classroom at The Premier School. He’s been attending the center since he was three months old. The environment is clean and safe and the teachers are caring and knowledgeable. My son feels comfortable there and I feel comfortable leaving him there. I know he is in good hands. There are a lot of centers to choose from and I’m glad that we chose The Premier School.James, Father of Infant Child

This school is such a blessing for my daughter and I. The staff is incredible from the top down. Miss Jessica in Preschool is beyond incredible. I am thankful for her pleasant demeanor and her genuine care for her students. My daughter has blossomed under her care. I am thankful for everything the Premier School does for our family.Dianne, Mother of Preschooler

My children whom are two and five have done nothing but benefited from being at this amazing school. All of the staff are very personable and loving to all. My children have grown and learned so much in the past few months that they have been here! I recommend the Premier School to all families with children.Anna, Mother of Toddler & Pre K Children.